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Well I'm not too sure as to how having protein and glutamine PWO will help restore glycogen levels without the use of carbohydrates. Insulin sensitivity lasts for quite sometime afterwards, up to even 72 hours, and this is what aids in the increased rate of protein synthesis for up to 72 hours PWO. It is most strong within the first 24 hours of course and this is a thought as to why HIT programs are not recommended by many bodybuilders.

I think that you should take advantage of both the hyper insulin sensitivity felt in the first three hours and the window of opportunity and take lots of carbs PWO (for bulking. Sorry, should've mentioned I look at all things in a bulking state of mind), firstly simple carbs and proteins followed by more complex carbs also. But yeah definitely definitely definitely take carbs prior, and even take a DIY sports drink during, your work out to blunt cortisol. Cortisol is the killer of quick muscle growth. Which is why I try and eat every 2.5 hours, even if I can't get my hands on any protein.
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