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The third article seems to be somewhat against the first article. It would be interesting to know how much of a mix it was (the third article I'm talking about) and what proteins, as well as what carbohydrates. The first article suggests consuming a mix of slow and fast digested proteins post workout and leaving carbs to be absorbed about 3-4 hours after to maximise protein synthesis and hence muscle growth as the cells will maintain an increased sensitivity to insulin for an extended period of time; causing all the protein to be asorbed and used until the glycogen stores are replenished.

The very obvious data in article 3 is strong evidence of the opposite. The second article however suggests a mix of both other articles in that if you have enough protein, carbohydrates isn't going to do anything. But they were testing 0.6g per kilo. So 48g of protein for an 80kg person and 46g of carbs in the PRO + HCHO side of the study. I would like to see a study with more carbs involved to see if the first article is at all verified. At least we can see that a 1:1 mix seems to work the best from the two studies.
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