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7/9/11 Meet Recap suckdom

Well I got down to 197 for my weight which was good. I lost 13 lbs over about a week and a half. I went from 202 to 197 yesterday over three hours by doing 3 hot tub baths (hot), 4 hot steam showers, and a mile walk in sweats. It sucked horribly and I thought I was gonna pass out twice after the hot tub.

I am on day 13 of this awful cold and to make things worse I had diaherrea today which blew lol.

Well here are my three squats.

You be the judge. I got thumbs up from the head judge on all three and thumbs down from side judges. I can't see what the side judges saw so I really can't complain. Some people told me that I leaned forward too much which caused my butt to be higher which didnt break parallel. I wish I had a side view on camera. In all honesty I think my 1st and 3rd attempts looked very similiar to last years squats that passed. Just majorly frustrated and disappointed. I feel like I worked so hard to cut weight and train for nothing. My goal was 1400 total and I got a big fat thanks for coming. I am not a quitter I will just use this as fuel and motivation to get stronger and better on the sqaut. I will have to rearrange some things in my shed so I can get good side views and see what I am doing wrong.
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