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Originally Posted by klosey View Post
Subjective.. He has used AAS for over 10 year but still tries natty test boosters and said they gave him similar post use effects...
ATD... when used in double dose... chaperall labs on forums recommend using it like you would on AAS PCT 21 day taper or low single dose to stop rebound.. again based to user reports nothing clinical
I actually just had a baseline hormone analysis done again.. (about 3 weeks post supp). I will be sure to post the results as soon as I get them back and we can discuss !
Originally Posted by Venom View Post
That is pretty amazing bro, well done!

What about stacks? I.E. have u thought about stacking this with your test sup?!?!?
Thanks bud! Yes I have designed a crossover trial in which pre labs will be taken, T Plus will be used for 1 month, post labs will be taken, there will be a month washout period, then labs will be repeated around a 1 month stack of desoxy and T plus. This will help answer numerous questions and best of all each individual will act as their own control... crossover ftw hah
Originally Posted by paraman View Post
Just to be sure, Desoxy DHEA is on the banned list for natural athletes isn't it?
I believe it is banned by the IOC, but each competitive organization is unique in what they ban specifically. I know OCB/IFPA does not have it on their banned sub list. DHEA use >50mg/day is banned but there is nothing in regards to desoxy dhea. If you are concerned the best bet is to check your respective organizations banned sub list online or to directly contact the head of the org.
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