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Originally Posted by klosey View Post
DAA is an amino acid.. there is no known neurotoxicity level
Originally Posted by paraman View Post
It can bind to the NMDA-receptors (in the brain), which made a lot of fuss on other boards. I was wondering what you guys think about it's safety since I can't find studies on the safety of daily DAA use.
DAA is partially converted to NMDA. NMDA is an excitotoxin in large doses but in small concentrations it simply acts as a neurotransmitter (similar to glutamate) at the NMDA receptor. It is interesting that this issue is brought up a large amount on message boards but in the literature I have not come across any neurotoxicity reports in regards to DAA use in humans or even in vivo research.
Furthermore, it has been used at the dosage I provide in my supplements in human trials and throughout the supplement industry for almost a year now. I cannot imagine that this procedure (supplementation with a known toxic agent) would be approved by the IRB of the university for use in a human trial.
Part of the MOA of DAA is, through its conversion to NMDA, it binds with NMDA receptors in the pituitary gland.. Largely making it responsible for its effects of LH and test levels.

I think it is a good question but to be quite honest I am not sure how much of a jump or scare tactic this is by overly skeptic consumers. I can tell you that I have thoroughly researched this amino and to my knowledge it does not pose any type of threat to healthy individuals @ the dose I provide it in. I would never knowingly provide something that is a known toxic agent to individuals who are trying to better themselves, including myself as I use my own supplements!
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