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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
Great workouts man! I will let you know, I am here to keep you honest...dont let "skipping" workouts become a habit that gets worse!!!! hahahahahaha, good work man!
I seriously appreciate that. With a contest coming up in April, I want people who read my journal to keep my accountable.

I promise, if it does become a habit, it will be a conscious decision that sleep is more important than that won't be a last minute, hit-the-snooze-button lazy decision.



Occluded Walk

Tire Drags and Walking Lunges


Deload this week, will be mostly dragging the tire. I will also be skipping all AM workouts. This is planned to catch up on much needed sleep.

I have been pushing it hard averaging 8-9 sessions per week. I feel I have earned/need this deload.

On a side note, last time I attempted to squat was 5/31/11. My hip flexor/psoas is feeling much better. I will probably give it a few more weeks and then attempt light squats.


Diet Update

Bodyweight Average last week: 187.6
Bodyweight Average this week: 188.1

0.5 lbs gained, although that was slightly distorted by the early part of the week where I was weighing in light. Been weighing in heavy the last few days because I was attempting to "catch up" a bit from the light days. Weighed in at 191 on Saturday morning.

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