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198 days left for serious growth



Occluded Walk


356, 376, 386, 396, 406x3
416x3, 3 sets
361x6, 2 sets

256x20, 2 sets

Leg Extension
125x10, 2 sets


Weighed in light again today, not good, been eating 5000+ every day. I expect a light day here and there, and sometimes it happens after increasing calories since the metabolism revs up, but I am on my 4th day of weighing in at 186 - 186.5. Combine that with not sleeping well, I think a deload might be in order.

If the weather is nice, I might try a tire-dragging-only deload next week.


In other news...

Barack Obama thinks ATM's are stealing your jobs.

Yes, that is right, machines are bad, let's go back to horse and carriage.

Wow, he is completely ignorant of economic principles. Automation in the long term, is beneficial to society.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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