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205 days


Occluded Walk - super intense, I wrapped pretty tight


Leg Extension
100x10, 8 sets

superset with

Snatch Grip Deadlift with Duckfeet
270x5, 6 sets
220x10, 2 sets

Snatch Grip DL forces you to get your hips lower, thus quads are more involved. Then I brought the quads in more by using a duckfeet position (turning the toes out). The leg extensions done immediately before my set helped me feel my quads more as well. It felt good, I was breathing really heavy with this superset.

Walking Lunge
BWx12, 4 sets

Leg Extension - drop set
100x13, 75x5, 50x5


I noticed a decent vain (actually 2) popping on my legs, but it is much better on my left leg. I have been hitting squats and deadlifts hard this bulk, but I also think the occlusion training I have been doing has contributed to the hypertrophy and increased vascularization that I am seeing. It is exciting to be bulking, where you would expect to see less vascularization as it gets covered in a layer of water/fat, and getting more vascular. Additionally, one of my pants that I haven't worn in 4-5 months did not fit well in the thighs, but still fit well in the waist when I put them on last night. Bulk is definitely a success thus far.

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