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A guy comes up to me (and he's about the 5th or 6th person since the weather got nice) while I am dragging my tire to comment on it. He said that, "people think you're crazy, but I tell 'em, that's a great way to stay in shape." I thanked him for his kind words and he very nicely offered some weights that he didn't use. I took him up on his offer, it wasn't much, but he said he had some dumbbells and a barbell. I figured even if I couldn't make use of it, I could find someone who could.


206 days to keep hearing from people who drive by about how crazy I am


Flat Bench
192.5x5, 7 sets
177.5x8, 2 sets

superset with

BW+45 x 5, 6 sets
BW+11 x 8

Tire Work - Press, Row, Forward and Backward Drags, Front Raise


DB Bench
72x8, 4 sets
64.5x12, 2 sets

superset with

BW+11 x 8, 3 sets

Tire Work - Press, Row, Forward and Backward Drags

DB Floor Press
64.5x12, 2 sets


The day after deadlift is the toughest day to train for me. I kill the deadlifts and as a result, am quite sore all over the next day. I like to tire drag anytime, but it is really awesome when you are feeling beat up from a previous training session, tire dragging is a great recovery tool. This morning, I actually feel better after my workout, almost refreshed. So on days when I am beat up, lots of tire dragging is in order.

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