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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
Ha sounds like she's got her priorities straight.
No doubt, you gotta love a woman who appreciates the value of squats....and butts.


211 days to look big with a shirt on



Flat Bench Press
205x3, 8 sets
205x8 - don't take this the wrong way, I worked hard on the other sets, I make sure the reps are done as explosively as possible. Still had some left in the tank, I am being conservative on bench press due to what happened back in December with my arm

180x6, 2 sets

Tire Drags - Press, Row, Backward Drags, Front Raise, High Pull

Floor Press
120x20, 2 sets


Flat Bench Press
180x6, 6 sets
165x10, 2 sets

superset with

BW+22.5 x6, 5 sets
BW+5 x10

Tire Drags - Press, Row, Front Raise

DB Floor Press
63x12, 2 sets

Suspended Pushups

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