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214 days to get massive


Started out today on squats, but hip flexor/psoas just wouldn't have it. I have been dealing with this pain for several months now. I've been pushing through it, at times, it has hurt to the point of making my hip feel like it will collapse on squats. I finally decided that the best long term strategy is to avoid exercises that aggravate it...unfortunately, that means squats.

But I look at my recent experience with the bench press. Those who read my journal, know that I had pain in my left arm that was severe enough to cause me to stop benching. I did no pressing for several weeks and finally was able to to DB Neutral Close Grip Bench Press. After 4 months of no flat barbell bench pressing, I could finally do it pain free.

So, hopefully, it won't take 4 months, but time off from the squat may allow my hip flexor/psoas to finally heal.

Squat Step Up
120x5, 2 sets
130x5, 6 sets
140x5, 3 sets
150x5, 2 sets

Trying to get a feel for these with a raised bench. I put some boards under my flat bench to get more depth. When my foot was on the bench, my upper leg angle was past parralel to insure a decent ROM. Total height was 22.5 inches, although I may remove 1 board to get it down to 21 inch since my hip was still slightly aggravated by that ROM.

Suspended Bridge Leg Curl
BWx10, 2 sets

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