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Default My Fitness Journal

Hello All!

Thought I would start a journal to keep track of my progress and what I'm up to. Since 5/16 I've lost 2% body fat, I've gained muscle, not sure how much though. I've also improved my bench by 10 lbs. My goal is to increase my bench by 40 lbs, decrease my bf to 14%, perfect diet and improve endurance. I'd like to run more for cardio but my right ankle gives me trouble so I'm doing precor/walking on incline/biking. I just bought a personal training package so I am excited to be pushed to my limits! As you can see I like to change things up, I get bored easily .

Here's my workout activity for the last week.
Sunday: biked 45 mins
Monday: Spinning & Pilates
Tuesday: 8 min jog, 20 mins on precor, boot camp & 20 more mins on precor
Wednesday: 5 min jog/Tabata training followed by weight lifting routine
Thursday: Cardio, 5 min jog then 40 mins on precore
Friday: met with trainer, 30 mins of anaerobic training then 40 mins of treadmill at an incline of 5.
Saturday: kayaking, walked 3.5 mile trail around lake, got home took a nap then Jillian Michaels ab workout.
Today: Jillian Michaels workout, bench press 5x5, DB press 3x12 & flat DB Flys 4x12

Diet: I'm still tweaking my diet, need to eat more protein and less fat.

Thanks for reading and God bless.
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