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Originally Posted by klosey View Post
To be honest you've answered the questions i was interested in..
1. test increase
2. estradiol decrease..

Only other question is whether once stop taking it, is there any sort of hormonal rebound or spike?? or do the levels stay pretty much the same.. Reason for these is my friend used the old DHEA and GABA and his blood work afterwords showed an estrogen rebound

I honestly can't say I am certain for your question.. If by rebound you mean levels will return back to pre supplementation levels then I would say almost certainly yes.. As you probably know this is the case with just about any exogenous hormone manipulating compound. If you mean an increase to excess of pre supp. levels I would highly doubt it.. Though they are structurally very similar DHEA has totally different biological effects than the 3-deoxy version.. Really can't be sure without another blood test though.. I will be off for a month and will get another baseline measure after that time and make sure to post the results so we can both see!
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