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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
Everytime I try to sleep in and skip a workout I never get back to sleep I just lay there feeling guilty that I cheated myself out of a workout.
It wasn't so much that I felt guilty, I'd been staying up late for NBA games and really felt (in a cost/benefit analysis) that sleeping in would be the right thing to do....but my body just wasn't having it, lol!

So I learned my lesson, unless completely wiped out, I will just get up early and work out.


Weighed in heavy today, 188

219 days to bring it


Occluded walk


Swiss Ball Leg Curl to warm up

356, 366, 376, 386, 396x3
401x3, 3 sets
356x6, 2 sets

Shrug - controlled tempo with attempt to hold peak contraction on some reps
248.5x20, 2 sets

Suspended Bridge Leg Curl
BWx15, 2 sets

superset with

Rear leg elevated split squat
BWx12, 2 sets

Great workout, hamstrings pumped up and burning at the end. Felt great, it isn't exactly easy (at least for me) to get a hamstring pump.


Quick note on the NBA, you can call me the World's Biggest Fairweather Fan:

I became a huge Chicago Bulls fan around 1989 when I was 10 years old because I was getting into basketball and, of course, Michael Jordan was amazing. I stopped following the NBA after Jordan's 1998 retirement. After 13 years of not caring, I start paying attention and hear that the Bulls (after dwelling in the cellar of the league for a while) were good again. Then Derrick Rose is announced as the youngest MVP ever, well, I got a little excited and starting watching....I started watching Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. So I am bad luck I guess, because the Bulls have dropped 3 games in a row since I started watching, lol.

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