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225 days to become much bigger


BW+57.5x3, 6 sets

Bench Press
202.5x3, 7 sets

Tire Drags - Press and Row, Front Raise


Bench Press
177.5x6, 4 sets
162.5x10, 2 sets

Superset with

BW+22.5x6, 3 sets

Tire Drags - Press, Row, Legs

Floor Press
140x12, 3 sets


In other news...

Ironic, students who claim to value free speech yet want to ban Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh


Quickly becoming my BIGGEST pet peeve...people who ask for a phone number and then are not ready to write it down when you give it to them.....if you are asking me for a number, do you assume I am NOT going to find it? why else would you not be ready with a pen or pencil.....OK, I feel better.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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