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Originally Posted by antisteroids View Post
you killed those chins.I could not do that many with someone elses arms let alone my own
Ha, ha, thanks!

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
I thought you were better than that at Chins and pullups...are you doing slow movements? Not taking anything away from you, dont get me wrong..I just thought I saw higher weights used before :-/
It's the issue of volume and rest. I am doing a ton of volume. Last workout I did 74 chins and pullups total (49 chins and 25 pullups). And time between sets was 90 seconds max and often less than that.

I also attempt to hold at the peak contraction to really hit the lats hard.

Same with my heavy workouts. Last heavy workout I did 8 sets of 3 with 55 pounds and only 60 seconds rest between sets. I could probably chin around 75 pounds for 3 reps for one or two sets (or a few more sets if I rest longer between sets).


228 days to gain 26 pounds - althought, it is 27.5 based on waking up light today, errgh!


Had to run an errand and thus workout was EXTREMELY rushed, I did 10 hard sets in 20 minutes...brutal.

220, 230, 240, 250x5
265x5, 4 sets

When I got back to work, I did some rear leg elevated split squats in my office to finish off my workout

Rear leg elevated split squats
BWx12, 4 sets

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