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Question Getting Serious...Please review my plan

Ok so I'm finally serious enough for someone to critique what I'm doing and give me guidance. Any honest help will be appreciated. Here it goes...
Current weight: 236
Dress size: 16
This is seems to be as far as I can get myself with diet alone sort of like a set point I have lost 50lbs and kept if off for the last 3 years. I was diabetic and on medication but I'm not any more. Here's what I'm eating on average and how I'm training on average please give me any tips or advice.

Average calorie intake:2459 daily, 6 meals per day
I realized ths week I was getting way too much fat, a carry over from my low carb days. I'm adjusting that this week.
I don't eat anything white, I eat sprouted bread and steel cut oats or oat bran and I'm starting egg whites this week.
I usually have either a cheat day or cheat meal. I'm willing to adjust this but I must have a cheat or I WILL binge, my track record has proven that I do not do well with deprivation. I'll go back to eating crazy in a heartbeat. I have great discipline for about 6 days max. Just being honest.

I just started super setting recently because I discovered that heavy lifting was wrong for my body type, I'm about 70/30 endomorph/mesomorph. I have huge muscles underneath fat. I've been lifting and running on and off for years but never able to get back below 230-228 in the last 10 years. I get discouraged and go back to eating and slouching and eventually go back to the gym. The scale usually goes up when I start to train but I had been training with heavy weights. I'm starting to super set with moderate weights now and I'm sweating while lifting which is something that never happened before. I also do about 20 mins of cardio after lifting whereas I used to do cardio before lifting. I have yet to see results from this, just started about 2 weeks ago.
Monday: 6am cardio about 45 mins
2pm Chest, shoulders, biceps..supersetting/ 20 mins cardio

Tuesday: 6am 45 cardio..depends but most weeks I do
Noon: Boot Camp... 45 min

Wednesday: 6AM Cardio 45-60 mins
2PM Back-super setting..20 mins cardio

Thursday: Noon: Boot Camp

Friday: 6am Cardio
2PMLegs-supersetting....30 mins cardio

Saturday: 60 mins cardio

Sunday: Off

I have another 3 weeks of Boot Camp and after that I'll have a better hold on training. I'm just noticing that Boot Camp is kinda throwing off my other training the last couple of week I may miss one cardio or on weight day. Boot Camp is rigorous and I'm giving 110% so I'm a little done the next day. Anything that needs to be adjusted I'm willing to adjust, if not I'll keep plugging away. I'm weighing on Monday after my last weigh 3 weeks ago. The scale and I are arch enemies and always have been, so I'll be trying on my favorite measuring pants this week too, I get a better guage of my progress that way too.

Ok sorry it's so long but thanks for reading!
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