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240 days to get much much bigger



Walked my dog, no occlusion....I think I would have died, lol, my legs are still crippled from Tuesday due to the excessive time off before squatting


I decided to do suspended bridge leg curls first in my leg workout today.

2 reasons:

1. My hip flexors have been killing me lately. Reading about it, it is likely linked to core weakness/imbalance, inactive glutes and tight hip flexors. And suspended bridge leg curl simultaneous activates the glutes, opens up the hips and engages the core. Chad Waterbury, actually just mentioned it in a recent training lab.

2. John Meadows (and others I believe) has recommended doing leg curls first as a way to get better hamstring development. Since I am prepping for a bodybuilding show (and many people do not have great hamstring development), anything I can do to encourage their growth will greatly benefit me.

Suspended Bridge Leg Curl
BWx10, 2 sets

DB Swing

Deadlift - kept it lighter than previous weeks, playing it safe
356x3, 2 sets
366x3, 2 sets
376x3, 3 sets
306x6, 2 sets

Wanted a 4th set with 376, but lower back was feeling a slight tweak related to where I injured it 2 weeks ago. Decided 3 more reps weren't worth a possible re-aggravation.

241x20, 2 sets

superset with

Suspended Bridge Leg Curl
BWx10, 3 sets

Sissy Squat

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