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3x10 will work very well, just dont forget to vary rep ranges every now and then to save it becoming stagnent.
What i would suggest is to work one core lift per day, doing 3-5 workouts a week. Each lift having a frequency of twice a week. If you need to add on sholder press with deadlifts or bench press do so. It upto your personal preference if you want to lift it on a day of its own or not.
Choose a couple of assistance exercises and that pretty much covers it. Any routine which involves squats bench deadlifts and shoulder press with give you results as long as you put the effort into it. After 6 months out i would try and focus more on lower rep ranges with the main lifts to improve your strength despite cutting ie 2-8 reps per set but the assistance exercises are good at 6-12 reps.
when trying to cut intensity is paramount as you want to get your heart beating fast and to be sweating after every set, the metabolism boost from a hard workout with weights beats any treadmill or running work in my opinion.
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