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Consdering the gap (6 months) from last lifting to beginning to cut. I think you should focus more around the compound lifts rather than some of the workouts listed on the 13 weeks to fat burning routine. Its a great routine, dont get me wrong, but its a routine designed to increase vascularity, maintain muscle size decrease fat and most importantly on this type of program, sculpt the body ready for competition, hence the heavy volumes of isolation work in there.

As such pure arm workouts arent necessary as Arian said previously. Or put more correctly, efficient with your goals in mind. In your current situation you will retain strength and even gain muscle size focusing on squats, bench, deadlifts, shoulder press, with a few accessory lifts like rows, pullups/chins, close grip bench, lunges etc. Ie. Compound lifts.
Even if you wanted to do a pure arm workout you'd be better off choosing compound movements eg for Biceps, pullups or Rows and triceps, close grip bench.

If you were going for competition or had done atleast 6-12 months solid training and got big muscle and fat wise then the 13 week program would be spot on as the isolation work will be more beneficial as the fast early on gains will have diminished by then, in those circumstances isolation work is good. But with such a gap in training as yours you'll achieve the same results with less exercises and you'll probably find yourself gaining muscle while losing fat more efficiently than with pure isolation movements.

When cutting the aim of your workouts should be to provide the bulk of your cardiovascular work. Nothing gets your heart pumping, or your stomach churning better than an intense and heavy set of squats or deadlifts. Isolation exercises just dont hit the body in the way compound exercises will. Your additional treadmill, crosstrainer etc.. work should compliment your workouts and not interfere with them. The workouts serve the purpose of maintaining muscle and will develop fitness if you go at things with high intensity. These arent actually the most important things while cutting though, its your diet that will ultimately decide how good your progress is.
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