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241 days to get big without getting sloppy

AM - woke up late, had alarm set for wrong time, had to superset T-Bar and DB Press, I kind of liked it, my workout is already a pretty quick pace, but I can see the advantage of squeezing in more volume (if I don't wake up late), by supersetting occasionally

BW+40 x 5, 7 sets
BW+6 x 8

177.5 x 5, 7 sets

superset with

DB CG Neutral Press
80x5, 8 sets
68x8, 2 sets

Band Stiff Arm Pulldown


BW+6 x 8, 4 sets
BW x 12

151x8, 4 sets

superset with

DB CG Neutral Press
68x8, 5 sets
61x12, 2 sets

Legs completely tore up from squats yesterday, I can barely walk, it was due to being sick last week and thus doing no leg work for 12 days. So I included some light squats to help dissapate the DOMS

120x5, 5 sets

superset with

Lat Pulldown
100x15, 10, 10

superset with

Close Grip Pushup
BWx15, 3 sets

Ab Wheel Rollout
BWx10, 2 sets

superset with Crunches

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