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So one month on from my last review of my goals and it was a great 4 weeks.
Bodyweight upto 168lbs from 165lbs (3lbs in 4 weeks)
- Bench Press target was to equal 5RM PR. Equalled old PR.
- Squats was a 5RM PR - Acheived a raw 5RM PR. All time PR is in sight (242x5)
- Deadlift - no goal was set as im still getting back to my best with this lift.

Goals for the next 4 weeks
- Squats - Beat my 5RM PR
- Bench Press - A 1RM of 209 and a 5RM of 187
- Deadlift - Lift 276x5
- Military - Beat my 5RM PR
- Gain 3lbs in bodyweight.
At the end of the 4 weeks test all lifts for a 1RM PR
After these 2 cycles, lasting 4 weeks, i'll be mixing things up to concentrate on hypertrophy so i may alter the programming, im currently doing a bit of research and i'm going to come up with my own program. It will be based around my current routine but with the possibility of increasing the frequency with which i squat and bench, im also going to add in more focused assistance work to iron out weaknesses in form.
Currently they are:
Squats - knees go forward and in as i near failure
- Upper back rounds near failure when lifting above 80% of 1RM
- My depth is borderline past parallel (posterior chain mobility work)

Bench Press - Lack of leg drive
- Rep consistency with regard to bar path

Deadlift - Weak spinal erectors
- Lack of initial leg drive
- Still suffering injuries related to sciatic nerve

Military Press - Lack of full body tightness
- Lockout at top isnt consitent (trap involvement)

So these are my things to work on over the next 4 weeks.
Deadlifts are priority number one, i need to get these back on track.

My long term goals are to reach 175lbs by june 30th with a bf% less than 15%.
Hit a 5RM squat of 250
A 5RM bench of 180
A 5RM deadlift of 290.
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