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program says take 1 day off but I had to take 2 because my legs were so sore and i wouldn't have been able to work out until late in the evening due to family responsibilities. Figured better to take a day off and not get hurt.
Weight check down 7 lbs
Morning run 15 mins

Decline bench 100 15-10-12
Wide grip pulldown 80 lb straps 15-10-12

Incline Bench 100 12-10-8
Pull down with 100 lb strap 12-10-8

dumbell bench 40 lb 10-8-6
bent over row 35 lb 15-12-15

side laterals 10 lb 12

front raises 10lb 12

rear delt lats 10 lbs 12

squat bar shrugs 35 lb 15-3-20-6-25-9

5 minute eliptical
1 min backward

Felt good after the workout today. 2 days rest was probably a good thing.
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