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Default T PLUS and Desoxy DHEA crossover trial

Everything I make for De Novo is nothing without being substantiated by science and real world clinical tests in real people. With that being said I am putting my money where my mouth is and testing the stack of T PLUS along with Desoxy DHEA in two resistance trained individuals (myself being one of them). Regardless of the outcome I will be posting the pre and post lab work.

For anyone familiar with research methodology, this is designed to be a crossover trial. For those of you not familiar with research what this essentially means is there will be:
- Baseline Lab work
- 1 month of supplementation with Desoxy DHEA alone.
- Post Desoxy DHEA Lab work
- a 1 month washout period without supplementation (of any products that influence hormones)
- 1 month of supplementation with Desoxy DHEA and T PLUS
- Post Desoxy DHEA/T plus supplementation Lab work

I will post the other testers labs when the information becomes available. For now, I have provided the links to my baseline labs which are posted on the denovo site.

As you can see I have elevated estradiol, so I should be a good candidate to see the test the efficacy of Desoxy DHEA in regards to its ability to reduce estrogen.

Baseline tests:
baseline labs page 1
baseline labs page 2
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