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Still recovering in terms of my appetite, my stomach is just not 100%. I can't stomach the quantities of food I was consuming right before I got sick. That sucks, my metabolism is hyper fast and I need TONS of food to gain mass.

Saturday I was finally well enough to workout, but I couldn't push myself to do occlusion, it was pathetic, but I was nauseated from an arm workout.

However, I can't let myself get down, this lower back injury and now this stomach bug are just a road bump. I will come back. In fact, I am a pretty optomistic person, so I am really trying to see the benefits to having missed 4 days of workouts in terms of letting my lower back heal/rest. If I hadn't gotten sick, I was bound to have pushed to hard and made it worse.

Bodyweight down about 7 pounds from initial loss last Tuesday when I caught the stomach bug, haven't ate much since then, but luckily, weight has been stable. Hopefully, I can get the 7 pounds back quickly since it should be mostly fluid loss.


245 days to stop wasting days!

Arms Hyper

Chinups felt really easy because I was fresh.....and weighing 7 pounds lighter!

BWx18 (PR for max reps), 11, 10, 9, 8

superset with

Incline Curl
15.5x11, 11, 10, 10

Close Grip Pushup
BWx33, 22, 15, 18, 17

superset with

Suspended OH Ext
BWx10, 4 sets

Barbell Curl - 3 second negative
62.5x8, 3 sets

DB CG Neutral Press - 3 second negative
63x10, 8, 8

Band work, more pushups

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