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Last night was a much better workout. THink I got my weights much more in-line with what they should be.

5:30 min on the eliptical

Barbell curls 40 x 4 sets
dips x 4 sets

one arm preacher curls 20 x 4 sets
one arm dumbell extensions 20 x 4 sets (Think I should have gone heavier here)

Incline dumbell curls 20 x 4 sets (Couldn't finish the reps on the 4th set.)
Tricep press down 80 lb band x 4 sets

curl bar reverse wrist curl 35lb bar x 4 sets
curl bar wrist curl 35 lb bar x 4 sets

6 min on the eliptical

I felt really good after last nights workout. Was a little sore in my triceps but that's good right?
Does or has anyone else experienced terrible muscle cramps about 2 to 3 hours after working out? THe last 2 nights I have been awakened by cramps in my lower back, shoulders, and sides of my stomach. After walking around for about a 1/2 hour last night I was able to make them go away. Googled it and found that when on a low carb diet and you carb up after a workout the muscles for some reason will cramp. Anyone else experience this?
Tonight is cardio and I think I'm gonna change up the workout and do an hour on my mtn. bike instead of the eliptical.
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