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Default 13 weeks to my weight loss

Started the diet portion about 2 1/2 weeks ago with an exception of about 4 days when I had the flu. The flu put off the workout part by about a week to week and a half.

Last night was my first lifting under the workout.
Weights were all over the place as it was my first night and I don't have a spotter, so I noticed I was very light on some exercises and over on others as I got worn-out.

5 minute eliptical

Decline bench 100
Wide grip pulldown 80 lb straps

Incline Bench 100 1 1/2 pumps ( This was in error, but o'well)
Pull down with 100 lb strap

dumbell bench 35 lb
bent over row 60 lb

side laterals 10 lb

front raises 10lb

rear delt lats 10 lbs

squat bar shrugs

5 minute eliptical
I got a good workout but could have been so much better. I have figured out the weights I need ( to be able to complete 3 sets with higher reps and SS with other workouts). Of course it gets much harder with each exercise because you are overloading one muscle group. I'll get there and take this for a 1st workout.

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