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Day 104
Heavy Bench. 4/21/2011

Bench Press
165x7 (PR)
176x5 (Equal PR)

Incline Bench

BW+5kg x8
BW+2.5kg x6
BW x7

Now that was a great workout. Beat my PR for 7 reps on bench and equalled my all time PR for 5 reps. I was fired up for todays workout and i've also been watching over and over the dave tate bench form videos, i have altered my leg position and my grip width slightly and the result today speaks for itself. Incline was ok (still feel very weak on this) Dips were good, and my triceps and chest felt fried after them.
So im 166lbs and benching my 5RM which i set when i was @ 174lbs. Result!
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