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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Not sure what your plan is, but I wouldn't waste time with wrist extension or curls, just my opinion.

You have the right idea with farmer's walks. Also, toss in a high rep set of deadlifts and some high rep dumbbell rows, those will kill the forearms with the added bonus of working your back as well.
I was thinking along the lines on static holds and grip strength related exercises (all of the above i 100% agree with), maybe also the odd few sets of hangs from the pullup bar with weight attached (added bonus of spinal decompression which could be useful after my squat workout), farmers walk, i was considering high rep deadlifts once im feeling 100% on them too. I'm just looking to mix things up as my forearms are tiny compared to the rest of my arms but atleast they are strong, ive never once had to use straps, alternate grip or anything yet.
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