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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Ha, ha, good answer!


Where are we at in terms of human potential? (lifting or otherwise)

In terms of human potential I don't think we are anywhere near the limits. In terms of lifting records are constantly broken.

Do you have any ideas of upper limits of squat/bench/deadlift strength? (I.E., will we ever see a 1000 lb raw bench press, 1500 lb raw squat/deadlift)

Well Big Benni just broke the 1000lb barrier in the DL (raw) and Robert Wilkerson squatted 1000lb raw. I think the numbers are getting insane to be honest. I tihink we can definately one days see 1200lb+ raw squat and dl and a near 1000lb raw bench if the guy is big enough and trains hard enough. I think those lifts could be acheived in under 20 years.

Where are you at in terms of your potential? (lifting or otherwise)
Liftingwise nowhere near my potential. My goal is total elite raw at 198. (1471 total) I will get there. Then who knows, maybe 220 elite or I will do more strongman? In terms of human potential I am always reading and learning to try to improve myself.
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