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So its 31st March which the date i set my goals for.
Bodyweight - 165lbs, actual - 164lbs (gained 11lbs in 3 months)
Squat: Any Raw PR - Done for both hypertrophy and strength rep ranges
Bench: 1RM 200+ - not tested, currently estimated @180-190
Deadlift: 1RM 300+ - Hit 286 with an RPE of about 8.5. estimate @ 290-300

In all im very happy, body composition wise im in much better shape than this time last year, im also 10lbs lighter and coincidently 10lbs off most of my all time PR's.
Over the next 4 weeks my aim is to hit a 5RM PR for squats and to equal my 5RM PR on bench. I have no intentions of attempting a 1RM currently (i may do in future) although i will occationally do the odd singles on deadlift upto 95% or a RPE of 9-9.5.
My long term goals are to reach 175lbs by june 30th with a bf% less than 15%.
Hit a 5RM squat of 250
A 5RM bench of 180
A 5RM deadlift of 290.
After the next 3 months of training i may consider testing my 1RM's but for now my goal is progression for both hypertrophy and strength and as such i'll only change my workouts / split if i am stalling or identify a weakness which is compromising technique.
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