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I don't think you'd want me as your nutritionist, I would just tell you to eat boatloads of oatmeal, ha, ha.

I eat oatmeal for breakfast, but eating more probably wouldn't hurt.

Last movie you've seen? Review

I just finished watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World again. Awesome movie. Its got a great story with lots of little things throughout the movie. Very indie-like with the music and cool video game references and whatnot. The part where he battles the vegan is pretty hilarious too.

Last book you've read (non-academic)? Motivation for reading it?

Unfortunately, I am not a big book reader, academically or non-academically. I guess I was never a fast reader and didn't think reading was very interesting. But I do try to read articles and research papers that are weight lifting related. I was reading the Wilson brothers' paper on protein requirements for resistance training athletes because I was having a talk with someone about the amount of protein you need. Also, I was skimming through The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research's site and read a paper about how effective Wii Fit games are compared to normal exercising. I don't own one but I just wanted to know if they actually work or not. And finally, I have been skimming through the Bible a bit. I like reading Proverbs and other sections on drinking, adultery, not living two lives, and whatnot. And I've been arguing with my friend about the Christians, Muslims, and what's going on in the world.
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