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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
How did you find ABC?
My old roommate actually showed me the site. We never came to the forums, just used the crazy workout routines that Jake and Gabe came up with. Then finally one day I decided to make a username and post on some threads and start a journal. The rest is history.

How do you control the rage you must feel towards the policies at FSU's gym?
By squatting heavier. And by going to the FAMU gym and Mike's garage as much as possible.

This question ripped from Andro in the original "In the Well":

If you could form Team Arian...what would it look like?

your workout partner?
Your nutritionist?
Your trainer?

Workout Partner/Trainer - Mike Z.
Nutritionist - Commander
Gym - My future gym in my future garage of my future house.
Sponsor - ABC Bodybuilding of course!
It would be cool to train with Arnold or Sly or someone awesome like that. But if I was building Team Arian, I would want it surrounded with friends that I know would make the best Arian possible.
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