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Monday- Squat day
265x5x5 had some issues dialing in form.

Some reps were much deeper than others, although my high squats are still easily below parallel, I just feel a different tightness and rebound with the different depths. I also noticed that I was having trouble sitting back as far as I wanted and felt myself come onto my toes a little bit. I think this is where squat shoes would really come in handy so I think I am going to try saving up for a pair. I also am having a problem with my wrists supporting the weight too much. I feel that when I first started squatting in this style I could actually pull the bar down with my hands and drive through it. Now I feeling far too much weight sitting in my hands. Have an entire checklist of things to work on next workout.

Oh and max set of pullups after the squats. Overall easy day, kind of getting used to the beaten up feel of the volume block. Almost done though, then onto a strength or power block of some sort. Night world.
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