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Breaking through weight plateaus. All my childhood I was short and skinny. I could eat whatever and wouldn't gain weight. Even with lifting weights and eating more frequently throughout the day, I would always get stuck at particular weight plateaus. 2 summers ago I was down to 155 lbs and went on a bulk where I ate everything in my path to get up to 165 lbs. Then I got stuck there and couldn't eat my way up.

That was around when I met Mike (Workout Machine) and he got me away from bodybuilding type programs and go me on powerlifting type programs. I think that helped me break the plateau because I was focusing on heavy compound movements, which is what is best for skinny people. The increased frequency and focus on the lower body helped me break through the plateau and get up to 180 lbs. That was my next plateau that I couldn't break, even with having a 500 calorie protein shake after the gym and then a 1500 calorie frozen pizza a hour after.

Increased focus on lifting heavy and working out 5 times a week (squatting 3 times a week), has finally helped me break that plateau. I didn't bring my scale with me up to school so I have to go with what the gym scale says. But I was about 190 lbs a week ago with clothes and whatnot on. So I am getting ever closer to that 200 lbs. My original plan was to get to 200 lbs and then cut down what I needed, but that was back when I was in my bodybuilding phase. Now that I care much more about strength then being ripped or whatever, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I get there. Maybe I'll just keep lifting heavy and eat a bit healthier and let me body level out to where it needs to be.

Sorry if this was a long post, can't wait for some more questions.
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