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(still 278 days!)


Worked midnight shift last night, which meant no time for my morning workout because I had to go straight to my normal job.

Monday is typically Upper Hypertrophy day, with Back in the AM and Chest/Delt over my lunch break, so I did a condensed version at lunch time.

BW+6x10, 4 sets - felt great, squeezed and held each rep

155x10, 4 sets - same as above

DB CG Neutral Press
72x10, 4 sets

1 Arm T-Bar Row
75x10, 4 sets

Suspended Pushups
BWx15, 2 sets

1 Arm Cable Pulldown
50x10, 2 sets

1 Arm Pullover

Band Flys, Band Stiff Arm Lat Pulldowns


I am incorporating more unilateral work, because I always seem to get a better pump in my right lat, tricep, etc. I don't feel like I am favoring it, but maybe I do slightly subconsciously due to my nagging pain/injury in my left arm. I also throw in an extra set here and there for my left arm.

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