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Originally Posted by slimshad7 View Post
its nice to know im actually getting somewhere. . .
top picture is me every winter for the last 4 years when i get lazy. . .
bottom pic is me every summer last 4 years when i get my bum in gear.
I think you are in a lot better shape than you think, especially in your summer pics. And I can honestly tell you that you wouldn't be too far away from contest shape.

Originally Posted by slimshad7 View Post
charles,i think you maybe right,and start looking into competing,to try and stay in shape all year round.
The only reason why you failed in the past to stay in shape all year long is because you quit. That's the only reason. And like I mentioned before, you have to have a program you can stick to.

As for showing further improvements and getting ripped, I definitely think competition could help with that. It probably would help encourage you to do better with everything and to stick to it in the winter. Perhaps your winter pics in the worst case scenario would look like your previous summer pics, and your new summer pics would be your contest ones. Its all about putting better standards on yourself.

Originally Posted by slimshad7 View Post
i just feel to inexperienced to compete,as ive never been able to get ripped in the past 4 years.
I've always felt that way too, until now in later years I realize that anyone can do it, especially because they have different weight classes. You can weigh 150 and still compete. You don't have to be like the guys on the covers of the magazines either. They have natural bodybuilding contests.

I never did a bodybuilding contest, but I have done a few strongman contests and several powerlifting contests. And what I can tell you about competition is that you learn as you go. I felt like I wasn't ready at first. But then my coaches/friends told me to do it. So I did. You end up meeting others who compete, people you can really learn from, and you get better as you go.

To tell you the truth, I learned a lot more from hanging out with guys like that than I ever did talking to folks on the internet. One of my friends a few years back gave me a dirt simple diet plan that worked without a problem, meanwhile everyone on the internet is thinking it has to be so complex as if there is some mystery to fat loss or something. There isn't.

Anyways, my point about competing in any sport is that you learn as you go. Most guys I hear who think they want to compete, they often want to get bigger first. But that I think is a big mistake because one would miss out on the learning experience. The guy who starts off as a light weight is going to be much better off in the long run and do a lot better than the guy who waited.

Originally Posted by slimshad7 View Post
im hoping i can do it this year,from what ive learnt from the last 4
You can do it. You know how to do it. Its easy. You just have to keep yourself in line. It really is simple stuff.

This kind of makes me recall what it was like when I first started dieting properly a few years ago, keeping carbs in the diet, high protein, and low fat. What I realized then was that when you do it right, it really is a lot easier eat right than it is not to. I know that sounds nuts and contradictory to what most people believe, but it really is true. Because when you eat junk and only say 3 meals per day, you never really feel full and you always end up going hungry between meals. But if you eat the right foods and often enough, you end up feeling full and satisfied all the time because you are giving your body what it really needs. Heck, when I first started I was using protein shakes with water to make up the extra 2 meals on top of the regular 3, and I still felt great, a lot better than before. I was even consuming less calories, but I felt way better.

That really does remind me a lot of what I learned from Clarence Bass. The thing is your body has to feel like its getting plenty of food in order for it to allow fat loss to occur. And the only way you can do that is by actually eating. You aren't going to be able to keep muscle and get down to say 3-5% like Clarence by not eating. It just isn't going to work.
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