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Hey Slim,
Have you ever thought about doing a contest? Seriously!

The thing I realized most recently is that there really is no mystery to getting ripped. Even if one only had to lose say 10-20 lbs to get there, what would motivate them to actually DO it?

Because the fact is that you can ask all the questions you want all day long. I have been there. But the fact remains that the requirements for fat loss never change just like how 2 + 2 = 4 and what goes up must come down. Once you know that, all you have to do is apply the knowledge in the real world and actually DO it.

What will motivate you to do it? I have heard from a natural competitor named Bert Harrop that competing really changed his life. What's the real deal with competing? If you have a contest date ahead of you, you will definitely think twice when making your choice of food to eat. It will also make you want to workout 10 times harder when you are in the gym.

By now you know that it isn't about losing 10 lbs per week and getting ripped in a month. Its more about continuous application of the knowledge necessary to get you the desired results, all the way up until contest day. And even after the contest, a good natural bodybuilder would still know how to keep themselves in line for the most part all year long.

Just a thought. That's what I've been thinking about myself. Because I'm already in pretty good shape. But I'm starting to realize that a contest might be the way to go in order to keep myself in line enough to actually get ripped.

By the way, based on the pictures I think you are actually in pretty good shape. All you would need to do is focus on getting stronger in the gym in order to build some better muscles. And in the mean time, eat right in order to get rid of a few lbs of fat. You really don't have much fat to lose at all!

I wouldn't bother trusting the composition scales either. I hear they aren't that accurate. But the tape measure and the mirror are. The scale can be a good one too. You can use it to tell if you are gaining or losing too fast or even if you are at all.
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