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Day 77
Heavy Squats. 3/25/2011

220x5 (Raw PR)

Front Squats

Dynamic effort Deadlifts
132x1x2 (~45%)
154x1x6 (~55%)

Squats were ok today, felt very heavy and i've identified where my form breaks down. My upper back begins to round and as a result my chest drops and well thats it form is gone, i got stuck in the hole but im pretty sure my legs had another rep in them, it didnt happen until i failed the attempted 5th rep on my second set. To improve this i'm going to put more emphasis on upper back static hold strength so possibly doing seated good mornings and static holds on rowing movements as im pretty sure i just lost the ability to hold isometric contraction so training for strength that way seems more logical than pure concentric work. also after each set my abs feel like jelly, time to start training them now as if there is one muscle group i always neglect its abs.
Front squats were solid and i love them now, still got flexibility issues with my wrist and fingers but that is improving.
DE deads were very explosive to the point that i amost came off the floor! felt very solid, controlled and fast.
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