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Workout should have been done tomorrow...but I was hit with a suprise "fun run" tomorrow for the army instead...o well


-difficult, breathing like a locomotive, wanted to quit.

also threw in some chins/pullups for general purpose
(2 setsx max reps)
Pullups: bwx10

monday will be bench

Still working out the kinks for my new cycle slated to begin Monday April 4. Toying with the idea of either doing 3x a week cardio +pushups pull ups, sprint style or a standard 2x week cardio only thing. (Army, must stay in "decent" running shape). If I go w/ the later, Monday will be a HITT type day with sprints, prowler, tire pulls etc. since I am squatting that day, figure it could help out; Thursday morning will be a slow jog (off day). Thoughts?
my youtube channel:

finally got camera, more vids to come!

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