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I would try a HIT (not HIIT) style weight training approach and nothing extra.

The rationale is that your diet will work perfectly fine for shedding the fat. You will be able to lose a few lbs per week without a problem. The only purpose that the training serves is to at least maintain muscle mass. Furthermore, providing you choose the right exercises and work brutally hard on your sets, minimal volume is necessary for such a purpose and even gaining muscle mass.

The additional benefit applying specifically to your case is that the training regimen will definitely be something that you can stick to without a doubt. You will get great results by summer, and you will be able to keep what you worked so hard for.

As for program specifics, I like the ones where you only workout a few times per week at the most. Not only is it convenient, but I also believe that it really isn't necessary to do more.

Another strategy that I like is to do the workouts in a sequence fashion such that your workouts don't necessarily fall on a scheduled day. For example, if you rest 4 days between workouts, a sequence might look like this: monday, friday, tuesday, saturday, wednesday, and so on. Then if for some reason something comes up and you miss a workout, you can easily just pick up where you left off on the following day without messing up your "schedule", because the workouts weren't supposed to fall on an exact day anyways.

The benefits of training like that are obvious. If you miss a workout it isn't going to kill your whole plan. If anything it will just give you an extra day to rest, recover, and build new muscle. And if your schedule is hectic or changing, this is the solution to the problem.
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