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Default FSUpower's powerlifting journal

Hey, this is my first time keeping a log, hopefully will be posting videos when possible to get extra form critique, mostly from Mike and Arian but all advice is welcome. I am on one of Mike's DUP programs and just finished my third day. I'll give a quick recap of the week's lifts and such.

Working maxes from last competition(s) (330, 242.5, 340)
Monday- Day 1 Volume block Weight, reps, sets.
Squat 230x8x5
Pull ups- 17, 9, 5, 3, 2, 1

Tuesday- Day 2
Bench 175x8x6
Push Press Worked up to single around 135 then hit 95 and bar for reps after

Wednesday- Day 3
Squat 250x5x8
Deadlift 275x1x3
No chins or rows, didn't have my workout partners and made the mistake of not pacing myself very well and I was destroyed after the deadlifts. Tomorrow is of but I am spotting a friend so I plan on putting in some reps on pull ups and rows just to get blood flowing into the upper back to get ready for the next deadlift workout.

Next official workout is on Friday, probably lifting with the team. That'll be a squat day, sticking with triples so I plan on making them fast and explosive.

Anyways, form didn't feel on tonight, not sitting back enough and my back felt weak, but I got the reps so no excuses. Just keep pushing.
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