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Day 66
Deadlift. 3/13/2011

Deadlift (Form work)

Wide: BWx5
Wide: BWx4
Shoulder width: BWx4
Chin up: BWx4

Taking on critiques of my previous deadlift video i made a few alterations in form. Firstly i got the bar closer to my midfoot before reaching down and setting my back to make sure my scapulae, the bar and my midfoot are in a straight line. Once i had set my back i would usually just begin the pull by digging in with my heels, this was causing my hips to rise faster than my shoulders. I have altered this by taking the slack out of the bar. It appears to have done the trick, the lift felt easier albeit wierd. I felt the lift more on my traps and hamstrings when before i was feeling my lower back, especially after a couple of sets.
Any further issues or critiques from my new video, let me know.
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