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3/11/11 DE lower

SSQ box-
205 x 6 x 2

Farmers walks-
115s x 100ft
165s x 100ft
185s x 100ft

bw x 3 x 12

bw x 3 x 10

Sled backward-(10 sec rest with same weight)
140x50ft, 50ft
185x50ft, 50ft
230x50ft, 50ft

*I had nothing on the dl today I worked up to a pathetic 425 and shut it down. So I did some dynamic squats and strongman stuff. I was awesome to dl some farmers walks again. It has been too long. I was careful and went light. I go back to the dr. in one week and am hoping to finally be healed and be done with this crap.
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Once I stick to the program I am going to get really strong.
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