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Day 60
Dynamic Effort Day. 3/7/2011

DE Box Squats
110x3x2 (~45% 1RM)
121x3x4 (~50% 1RM)
132x3x2 (~55% 1RM)

DE Bench Press
88x3x2 (~50% 1RM)
99x3x4 (~55% 1RM)
110x3x2 (~60% 1RM)

Db Rear Delt flyes


Didnt quite get upto 70% of 1RM on speed work, i'll make that adjustment gradually so hitting ~60% was todays aim. Both lifts felt very explosive and i peaked on set 6 of squats and set 7 of bench so my squats needs a bit more work. I was using a very low box today (12") and i'll continue to do so.
I decided to be more specific with my assistance work today so went for rear delts to help with bench and hypers to help both squats and deadlifts. I feel these are my current weak points so i'll be hitting them with more volume over the next 4 weeks.
Night shift in work tonight then back in the gym on weds.
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