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Originally Posted by tyciol View Post
There have been some proponents against eccentric training lately like Thibaudeau. He's saying that even though you're stronger during eccentric, the soreness is undesirable and we might be better off prioritizing concentric things since it allows more work to be done with less soreness and that perhaps the work rather than the muscle damage is a more important factor in hypertrophy.

I don't know since I can't understand the science about this. Certainly correlated but not sure the causal effects, or how hypertrophy and overcompensation actually occur.

Actually Thibaudeau is a proponent of eccentric-less training. But not by itself. He uses it in addition with regular hypertrophy training. This allows for more volume to be done without overtraining the muscles. Plus eccentric-less training has shown to help in recovery which allows them to have better workouts as the week progresses.
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