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In regards to unloading the plates on machines/bars, I think we should do these for weight stacks as well. Weight stacks should always be set to 0 or the lightest weight.

I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but we should always be conscientious of the difficulties others may have. The heavier weights have the pin stuck lower down, this means more bending or squatting needed to put the pin there but also to remove the pin.

This could be difficult for older people who could have trouble bending over that far to remove the pin we leave at a heavy weight stack.

It's also like a taunt like 'look how much I do'. If we set it to 0, I think it encourages people to properly adjust the machine alignment and even to do warmup sets.

Originally Posted by richnewton View Post
I just keep an eye out and let people go ahead if they are just getting a sip.
Yeah, I usually have my back to the wall that the fountain is attached to so I can see if anyone is approaching. If you're like that, people will see you're receptive and out of the way and will defer to their sipping.

Heck, even if I'm sipping from the fountain I try to do that as much as possible. I have this fear of, if someone isn't staring at my ***, then they'll try to shoulder tackle me into the fountain and I'll chip a tooth or something.

Originally Posted by ehlpitel View Post
random middle aged lady there with her husband proceeds to complain about the gym, saying how the DBs aren't calibrated
Did she bring a scale?

Originally Posted by Dzoni View Post
Bicep curls in squat racks. When there is about 3-4 bicep curling racks, preacher curl racks, machines and cables.
Well, preacher curl, cables and machines are different moves. Some people might have a hard-on for barbell curls or something. What's a bicep curling rack? I don't think I've seen one. Of all the stuff that probably wouldn't suffer from using a machine though it's probably elbow flexion.

Originally Posted by Dzoni View Post
This brings me to second point, push ups in squat rack? Why?
Maybe they're afraid of someone accidentally tripping over them, the cage would probably decrease the odds of that happening. Most gyms will have a secluded corner that could serve the same purpose though.

Originally Posted by Dzoni View Post
This doesn't really annoy me, but it's funny. Guys who stack on weight and do 2-3 inch drops on leg presses and squats then rack it and act all big. Too **** funny.
They're proud to be battling osteoporosis bro.

Originally Posted by downtown04 View Post
there was a guy in one of the squat racks doing some sort of yoga
All I can figure is they're trying to find somewhere out of the way, people feel vulnerable while stretching and may not want people to walk into them by accident. I can't really say since I don't know what your gym's layout was like and if they had an aerobics studio since that's the ideal place to do stretching what with the steps and foam blocks and all.

Originally Posted by Bahir View Post
People who leave dumbells, barbells and weights lying around after they are done. There is nothing worse than that in a gym, in my own experience.
What about people who put the dumbbells back in the wrong spot? =)

I remember when I was a gym member I spent like 10 minutes trying to sort out the giant dumbbell racks. Was a rather fun warmup, or in some cases a total workout when the 105s were out of place.

Originally Posted by RyanS View Post
Something I hate is seeing guys with bigger muscle than me swinging their weights around, using far too much weight, just showing off. It's not because they're on their final set, they start off that way and it really annoys me, considering I keep my weights under control and am not as big.
I'm not sure why this is upsetting, throwing around a big weight means they're generating extra momentum through a more intense contraction in the stretched position. Is that bad?

Originally Posted by RyanS View Post
Oh, the other week I was doing shrugs, 110lb dumbells. I lack the lower back strength to pick them up one at a time, (the twisting motion)
Can't this be avoided by using both hands? Like just use thumb and two fingers each hand, I find that lessens the twisting thing. It won't be perfectly balanced but much closer.

Originally Posted by RyanS View Post
the 220lb swung behind me and I stepped back 3 steps and got my balance and noticed a woman one step behind who was sitting there between her benchpress sets. My fault, she accepted my apology though.
Did you ask her out?

Originally Posted by RyanS View Post
Absolutely no reason at all to take my weights
Is it possible that it might have been easier for him to lift the plates off the sled than off the tree? I'm trying to picture it but it's hard since there's variability, but maybe because they're higher up or something. Usually the heavier plates are placed on the bottom of the tree, could he have been apprehensive about bending over to get them, whereas your sled plates were up nice and high, less stooping and easier on his back to get them?

I'm not saying it excuses things, like he should have looked to see if they were in use and asked, just saying it might not have been completely unreasonable or spiteful or whatever. Not to mention, sometimes we get tunnel vision when we exercise hard or get depressed so it's plausible people don't even notice weight trees.

Originally Posted by Trench View Post
I can't stand guys who do not use deodorant while working out. do they not know that they stink up the gym? The one older guy walked around in one of those muscle tank tops sweating purfusely while stinking up the entire gym with his underarm funk...

We all need to control are breathing and take those deep breaths, and was it a bad experience. My partner and I kept giving these hints but he didn't seem to get the picture. Next time he does it, I'm going to tell it like it is. What a terrible experience.
I'm not sure this is the issue, I think it's guys who go for time without bathing. Fresh sweat doesn't smell that bad, does it? I think it's when it combines with old sweat or burned-in BO is when it's bad.

It's not like we can put deodorant everywhere, but we should have showered before exercising if we had sweated previously. Maybe look after health issues which could cause BO, can we alter our diet to stink less?

Originally Posted by airborneninja View Post
6. I left the best for last -- we had this guy in my old gym that used to talk to himself while working out. He was like his own personal workout partner like pat from saturday night live talking in the mirror lol. This guy would be busting out curls saying things like "good job man you got it" to himself in the mirror. Once bluetooths came out for cellphones this guy got one and kept it in his ear while he worked out so it looked like he wasn't talking to himself lol. The great thing about that is he was normal enough to realize how insane he must look talking to himself!
This guy sounds cool, how come you didn't make friends with him? Talking to yourself is awesome, it shows courage and wisdom to pursue power.
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