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Fedex and UPS have far more generous pensions than most public workers have in fact my future uncle-in-law retired form UPS with 80% of his top salary and now works for Fedex. Most public workers retire with 25%-50% of their top salary with the exception of police and firefighters. Don't you think those high pensions from UPS and Fedex have something to do with costs? Not to mention Drivers get paid quite well.

Public workers generate revenue varying on the department. Police give tickets and fines it generate revenue for the town/county/state. Courts charge people to file motions. Garbage charges for special pickup. You get my point. Obviously, taxes led to the majority of salaries and benefits. There is no debate there.

The fact is not everything government does is great, but everything can not be privatized either. There are private schools for those that don't want their children in public school, but not everyone can afford that. You need police/fire/schools/courts/garbage/etc and they most be funded by the people.

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