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Teachers also have to deal with people's children and should be paid well enough to support their families. If people want their kids to grow up idiots then hire unqualified teachers who do not have degrees or experience. I don't know what the cost of living is in Wisconsin but here in NJ $51,000 will not get you much.

The problem is the government (politicians) do not live up to the contracts that were negotiated with the workers. What the Governor is doing is basically saying I don't care about you, your family, and the services you provide. Do what I say because I am the governor. Do I think the workers should pay into their pensions and health care? Absolutely, it is only fair.

People in the public sector make on average 15% less salary then a person with the same job in the private sector.

I am in no way pro-union. I have to be part of a union because it is mandatory. I would much rather take that money and invest it into something better. That is the states fault for making my position and many like it a union-required position.

The public workers pay taxes like everyone else. They are partially paying their own salaries.

Public workers do generate revenue. If people have such a problem with public workers they can privatize everything and see how that disaster pans out. I.E. the DMV in NJ was privatized and now many have closed down and their services have been slashed. Privatize police and everytime you need them then you have to pay for them to come help you.

The fact is when everything was good nobody was complaining right. Then Wall Street and the Mortgage industry got greedy and messed up the whole economy. People quickly forget that and want to blame public employees for everything.
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