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Originally Posted by ElitePL242 View Post
your decent looks great, especially breaking at the hips and sinking them properly, the problem arises when your begin your ascent. your knees start to shift forward which could cause some problems when you get closer to maximal weight.

your hips want to pop off of the bench. make sure they stay tight or you could get a red or two.

take a huge breath to fully fill up your lungs while standing to maximize your core tightness against the belt, then grab the bar and pull, all in one breath. this will also keep you from staying down at the bar for too long.

i'm just nitpicking, but the rest looks good.

in between individual attempts, sit in a chair. some guys will stand and walk around, but you should sit to maximize your energy. between lifts, stay hydrated (stay away from gatorade for the first half of the day, glucose) and keep eating food low on the glycemic index (i like clif bars).
AWESOME! Thanks for the help. I love critisism and will begin to work on the little things Immediately.

24 Days left!

tomorrow is last taper day, next week we start to peak again.
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